page3 img2Retention Schedules, Business Classification Schemes and File Plans

To introduce the concept of records management to an organisation and allow them to budget for future projects we will be selling them a Data and Records Management Audit.  It is specifically designed to provide a systematic review of how your hard and soft copy records are currently managed.  Through its implementation your organisation can adopt best practices in Records Management that supports their business objectives.  Many organisations retain documents indefinitely.  The absence of a proper policy leads to indefinite retention of vast quantities of unused documents which is directly linked to inefficiencies, increased costs and poor administrative practice.  This solution creates an environment of effective information management that is efficient and meets regulatory and legislative requirements.  

Other benefits include:

  1. Reduction in storage costs as useless information is disposed
  2. Access to vital information in a timely manner, which aids proper administrative procedures
  3. Confidence in the safe disposal of unused documents knowing that all legal obligations have been fulfilled
  4. Establishment of a business continuity and disaster recovery plan
  5. Allows specific retention policies to be set in place for all records
  6. Provides guidance and full compliance with all relevant