Environmental Policy Statement

DeeQue regards environmental protection as an integral and essential part of good business practice.

DeeQue will pursue waste reduction, encourage reuse and recycling, conserve natural resources, and incorporate environmental, health and safety practices into our operations and throughout the life cycle of our products and services.

DeeQue accepts responsibility for, and are committed to, the protection of the environment at all levels within the organisation. We will comply fully with environmental legislation and regulations, and aim to reduce our environmental impacts by:-


  • Conducting environmetal impact anaysis for all activities and business processes
  • Minimising waste by reduced consumption and operation of effective and environmentally sound waste management and recycling
  • Reducing energy use through effective education and awareness and the installation of energy efficient technology where appropriate
  • Implementing a purchasing policy which considers the environmental impacts of the products and services purchased by DeeQue
  • Raising environmental awareness amongst all stakeholders who have an interest in or conduct business with DeeQue
  • Reviewing, monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of our envronmental initiatives for the purposes of continuous improvement

DeeQue will manage its environmental, health and safety performance through continuous improvement activities by working in partnership with suppliers, customers, government agencies, and community organizations to help protect and improve the environment.

Dorothy Quinn
Managing Director