OSullivanWe have a symbiotic relationship with Jim O Sullivan from O Sullivan Software Solutions.

We have helped him out on many of his projects with document management solutions and he in turn with his IT Knowledge has been able to help us recommend hardware and software solutions to fit into our clients existing IT Infrastructure. 

iaaThe Irish Aviation Authority implemented their records management system in compliance with the Data Protection Act and in line with the ISO 15489 standard.  At the initial stages of this exercise I was contracted to assist with the development of a records management plan, policies and project implementation phases and once developed I provided an advice and oversight role.  Having a key role in the development of the classification and retention system I assisted with the development of the maintenance and improvement plan as well as a draft ‘Freedom of Information’ compliance implementation plan.  I continue to support and advise the Authority at key intervals in their records management journey.


logo children sunshineDorothy Quinn successfully applied for a Heritage Council Grant on behalf of the Children’s Sunshine Home to catalogue and preserve archival material including minute books, letters and artefacts. The archives of the Children’s Sunshine Home give a unique insight into the understanding and combatting of diseases such as rickets and TB in the first half of the 20th Century. An Archivist was employed by the Children’s Sunshine Home to manage and implement the archival project and to ensure the highest archival standards are achieved and that we meet the terms and conditions set down by the heritage council to be awarded the grant application.

Cleaning, cataloguing and repacking the archive in acid free boxes has been completed in a 6 week/ 30 day timeframe during May/ June 2011. Overall the end outcome was to ensure that the long-term preservation of the Children’s Sunshine Home Archive material. Material was cleaned and condition assessed and indexing each item onto an access database. Consulting staff measured each volume using a digital book measurer and the measurements were used to produce custom sized boxes for each item. These measurements were given to box making company in order to make the boxes to size.  Our staff boxed, moved the archive from the Children’s Sunshine Home and will be involved in the re-shelving items once the material is scanned.   Each item was given an indexing number. All items were number referenced, loose material was placed in acid free folders and all material was placed into acid free boxes.