Action & Records Management deeque200

Northumbria University - Certificate in Information Governance 

London School of Economics - BSc Economics and Management 


Dorothy is Managing Director of DeeQue and has over 14 years’ experience in the Information and  Records Management Industry.  

Knowledgeable in the development and execution of Information Management Strategies, Policies and Procedures, Records Audits, Records Management Training, Business Process Reviews and the development of Standards, I give advice and guidance on important legislation such as Data Protection and Freedom of Information to organisations. 


  • Profitable in year one and two of business and successfully navigated public procurement tenders to win several Government contracts;
  • Scooped top prize in The National Franchise Centre (NFC) annual business plan competition in 2013. A total of three awards were sponsored by AIB, The Discovery Partnership, LIT and Limerick Chamber- the value of which totalled in excess of €20,000;
  • Highly Commended by Northumbria University with a Masters in Records Management, a Certificate in Information Governance and Security 2012, final assignment of which, focused on Corporate Governance creating a Risk Analysis and Risk Treatment Plan for a Semi State Organisation;
  • Chairperson of the Information and Records Management Society Ireland Group from 2011- 2013;
  • Network Limerick Business Woman (Entrepreneur) of the Year 2012-2013, Network Limerick President 2009 and Network Ireland Business Woman of the Year 2008-2009;


Project Work

Electronic Document and Records Management Solutions

Worked as a Project Manager on an Electronic Document and Records Management Project in a large banking corporation over several months in the UK examining their current Data Warehousing, help them set out the criteria for selecting a system through a business requirement document, created tender, evaluated tender responses and implemented the chosen solution;

Information and Records Management: Hospital

Worked with the to undertake a risk assessment on their records management process and helped them implement recommendations and solutions such as creating a generic patient chart and data protection guidance.  Created a Records Management report so that the Children’s Sunshine Home could use this information as a Records Management implementation plan for the future;

Worked with the HSE on several records management projects;

Information and Records Management: Government Sector

Created a Gap Analysis Report outlining steps that needed to be undertaken to enable a Government Organisation to attain a Records Management Standard, ISO 15489;

Semi State Information Management Project; completed an Information Asset Register, Risk Analysis and Risk Treatment Plan.  Liaised with IT to configure existing systems;

Data Security

DeeQue Limited will ensure that protecting data, such as a database, from destructive forces and the unwanted actions of unauthorised users.   Reviewing where Data was held and ensure Data was secure was a major part of projects.


Classifying data is of primary importance to organisations.  The Data Protection Act 1988 and amended in 2003 put the responsibility with organisations to keep information accurate and up to date. 


Keeping information indefinitely exposes organisations to litigation and also increases substantially the risk of data breaches.  DeeQue has developed or amended retention, information and records management policies. 

Destruction and archiving

Applying your policies to data in a controlled organised manner is a key component to successful project.   Proof of destruction is vital with a clear rational as to why you are either destroying or archiving data.  There are three rational for data either to keep, bin or destroy.  DeeQue has worked for three offsite storage providers so our knowledge of offsite and onsite storage procedures is excellent.  DeeQue created a 400+ retention schedule for several organisations and also guided them on applying same.