deeque200DeeQue was established in 2012 by Dorothy Quinn. 
We recognised a niche in the market of Information Management. DeeQue is a passionate, positive, professional and expert Information and Records management service provider.

The mission of our organisation is “to assist organisations to manage their information to ensure their processes are inline with best practice to reduce the risk of litigation and negative publicity”.

The Vision of our organisation is "to be the world’s best information management experts."

Why Choose Us?

  • We pride ourselves having qualified Information and Records Management Staff who keep abreast of current trends including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) that enters into application 25th May 2018 and the Freedom of Information Act 2016.
  • Having knowledge and experience gleaned from years of working with manufacturing and business I.T. systems, we are the vital cog in the connection between the outside business world and compliance.
  • DeeQue Limited will deliver its services in innovative ways using technology to keep 'Total Cost of Ownership' low and 'Return on Investment' high.
  • Lower cost for organisations as they can avail of Records Management expertise while not having to employ a person full time.  
  • We understand the business needs and that for a business to become optimized, duplication of information and optimization of tasks are key goals to turning what are traditionally called 'Cost Centres’ to 'Profit Centres'.
  • The reputation and success of previous work completed.


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Benefits to Clients

  • Allows organisations to spend more time doing business not administering it.
  • Enable organisations to be compliant with legislation.
  • Provides Redeploy employees to revenue generating tasks not cash consuming ones.
  • Remove administration and duplication of information from your organisation.
  • Speed, efficiency and information: Our service will allow the client to make better and faster business decisions and receive quicker feedback from their end-customer.