Business Development Consultant

DeeQue Limited is an indigenous Irish company, operating in the Information Management sector.  Our success is built upon a reputation for service quality, security and above all commitment to our customers.  
DeeQue Limited are looking to hire an experienced Information and Records Manager/Business Development Consultant to provide archiving and business development support to all aspects of the business.

Panel of Archivist and Records Managers

We have a panel of Archivists and Records Managers.  On a regular basis, we employ qualified Archivists and Records Managers on short, medium and long term contracts to work with us on consultancy projects relating to information management and archiving. Our staff have a passion for archives and records and are familiar with the legislation governing records retention and data protection. We have qualified Data Protection Managers, Digital Records Manager and Data Governance Managers. Providing staff to work on client projects that typically range from three to thirty months.